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TenantFinders™ has specialized in providing property owners in the East Bay area of San Francisco with the very best in property management services. We are deeply committed to helping our clients maximize the income potential of their properties while taking the hassle out of leasing and managing properties.  Exceeding our client’s expectations, attention to detail and building strong relationships with owners as well as tenants are at the foundation of the way we do business and provide service.

From our unique New Tenant Guarantee, to handling emergencies 24/7, to making your vacant property rental ready in just five days, to staying current on laws that can affect you, to our proprietary tenant screening process, we offer a full range of property management and leasing services, all of which can be tailored to your requirements.

TenantFinders™ vision is and has been, to provide both property owners, as well as tenants, an uncompromising level of service and attention to detail. A strong focus on building and maintaining relationships is an important part of our success strategy. It’s no surprise that many of TenantFinders™ original clients are still with us today.

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  • "I have referred many clients over the years to TenantFinders because of the proactive roll they take in managing properties. From handling difficult tenants to turnaround services to handling repairs TenantFinders provides an extraordinary level of service. And as an Enrolled Agent, I must say that their year end statement makes accounting simple and easy too!"

    Tom Mesetz,
    Property Owner & Enrolled Agent,
    Argus Services: Taxes & Payroll

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"As an out of state property owner it is essential to have a property management company who is reliable, trustworthy and will look after my property as if it was their own. I can honestly say that TenantFinders is such a company."

Robert Forsman, Property Owner